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Bilateral Fractured Carpus/Arthrodesis: Maisy

Maisy has a horrific story. Someone threw her off a bridge onto the freeway. Amazing enough she just has 2 fractured wrists. We do not know anymore about the story or the outcome of said people so please do not inquire. We get most of our animals from the local authorities and we are here to deal with the aftermath and they are the ones who deal with the issue at hand.

Maisy was unable to walk when she came to us. We immediately stabilized her front legs with splints and those stayed on for about 5 months. Before and after surgery. She had a procedure on one wrist called Arthrodesis which basically fuses the wrist joint for life. She was stable enough on one of these that she did not need the other one done.

She has since been adopted and is doing well.

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