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Benign Rectal Polyp: Sage

Sage came to us when he was found in a home with his deceased owner. He was 11 years old and when animal control impounded him they noticed he had a large bleeding rectal mass. In most cases, rectal masses are bad news… but not always. They reached out to us asking if we could find a hospice home for him. We said yes! Once we took him in, we had to address his dental situation because it was a mess. While we did that we took a piece of tissue from the mass to see what it was and how aggressive it was. To our surprise, it was just a polyp… not cancer and could be removed completely. So that is what we did.

This shows the importance of testing everything. This dog could have been euthanized for no reason if the impound just assumed they knew what it was. We are so thankful they reached out and Sage found a forever family to live out his life!

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