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Meet Bobby, Bob, Bobbert, Ricky Bobby

This boy is super special to all of us. He came to us in July of 2022 from a rescue in North Dakota. He had been on the run for over 1 year and once someone finally caught him they realized he had an embedded collar. He also didn’t want to interact with humans at all. He was never aggressive, but never really liked being around his canine friends instead. The rescue wanted him to get more hands on attention along with treatment of his neck wound.

Once he got to us it was clear he was not interested in any of us. We set him up in a 5×10 kennel with bedding, food, water and potty pads. We simply went in to clean and feed/water him 3-4 times a day. We never interacted with him. Just left his medications in his food. This went on for 9 straight weeks. His foster mom would sit with him some days and read or scan Facebook while talking to him but never trying to touch him. Eventually she started tossing him treats and he would come closer and closer. Finally he liked head scratches. Thankfully then day came she could get a leash on him and they would take slow, short trips out to the fenced yard.

Once Bobby was comfortable enough in his environment to be handled and moved around, he started going to a local doggie day care for socialization. He LOVES other dogs and will always need at least one with him. The dogs really helped bring him out of his shell. 1 day a week turned to a couple and then everyday. He learned so much there and we are forever grateful that he had the opportunity.

Fast forward to the present. Bobby isn’t the same dog he was when he came to us. He will always be shy and weary of strangers and new things, but he is one of the happiest dogs you will ever meet. He hasn’t met a dog he doesn’t like. When we find him his forever home, they will need to have a fenced yard. They will also need to understand that in the beginning he will need to drag a leash at all times until he learns to trust his new owner completely. He is such a goofy boy and sometimes he likes to play games and play keep away even in his own yard.

Bobby is house trained and crate trained. He seems to do fine with cats as well. He is fine with kids but he doesn’t like loud noises and he startles easily so older kids would be best. We know he is not your “move in ready” dog but he sure is the best and if you ask anyone in our organization, they say he deserves the best and just wants someone to love his weirdo self! We estimate him to be around 4 years old and he is about 45#. His breeds are completely unknown but we will update once his DNA test comes in!

Adoption fee is: $350

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