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By May 6, 2024 May 16th, 2024 Adoptable Dogs

A beautiful Husky – Shep – Shar Pei mix whose not quite sure of the world yet! Here’s what you gotta know about this funny fella!

  • Good with dogs but very inappropriate with boundaries and does not read social queues, particularly with other males.
  • Has some basic obedience but requires training on most other aspects.
  • LOVES humans and forms bonds very quickly
  • Displays a lot of fear towards new things or environments, lots of life introductions required.
  • Unlikely to be good with cats, but likely to be good with older kids

Tyrell is a spunky, playful guy who’s not been given a proper start to life. Let’s show him that the world’s not so scary and get him a home.

Adoption fee is: $350

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