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Total Ear Canal Ablation (TECA): Miss Marple

Miss Marple is 10 years old and she has had ear infections for her entire life. Unfortunately with every ear infection comes inflamed and thickened skin in her ear canal. After 10 years of chronic, untreated ear infections her ear canals are almost sealed shut. This is very painful and the discomfort is unimaginable.

She had a procedure called a Total Ear Canal Ablation. This means both her ear canals were surgically removed. She is still able to hear, probably better than she could. It is a very big procedure and it can be risky as there is a lot of blood supply in the ears. But this is what she needed to live more comfortably.

The cost for this is steep ($3000) and we know she is a senior… however one of our huge mottos is “Age is not a disease” and she needs this to be comfortable in her remaining years.

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