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Patella Luxation: Jackie

She is the sweet young lady who came to us from Valkyrie Sanctuary. They took her in when she was just 8 weeks old and she had always been shy and took much longer to place. As she grew they knew something was off when she would walk around so they got her into the vet and found out she had a whole heap of problems orthopedically. She has severe hip dysplasia and on top of that she had luxating patella in both knees. That means her knee caps would slip in and out of place. This meant that she really had no stability in her rear end and it was starting to cause severe issues.

The Sanctuary knew that this type of situation would be costly and just more than they could afford. They posted for help and we happily reached out. We have the most amazing vet partners and orthopedic surgeons. We had them take a look at her and we decided to take things one knee at a time. A couple months ago she had her first knee procedure. She has recovered well and today she came back in for the other knee. The surgeon is hopefully that all we need to address is the knees and that will give her enough stability to give her the much needed comfort.

Originally the other rescue was going to transfer her over to us completely. However after her first procedure we noticed she was so scared and she wouldn’t eat. She had never been away from her foster family. We reached out to them to see if they would be available to foster her still and we would cover the vet bills and procedures. They welcomed her back with open arms and she has made the best recovery. Sometimes it isn’t about what rescue has what dog and what rescue does something and which one does something else. We could provide the necessary medical procedures and they could provide the home where she was comfortable. Rescue to us is working together and we are so happy to work with Valkyrie Sanctuary.

Her cost has been $2650.

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