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Heartworm Disease and Dislocated Hip/Fractured Pelvis: Peggy

Peggy came to us from a very rural shelter in Missouri City, Texas. One of our followers shared a video of her with us and we just had to help. She is about 4 years old and she was likely hit by a car. It dislocated her hip as well as fractured her pelvis. This injury would have required immediate surgical intervention but then she came up heartworm positive. This put her at a greater risk for anesthetic complications so we chose to treat the heartworm first and come back to fix the hip second. Her pain is being closely managed while she is going through treatment. The whole treatment for heartworm disease will take 60 days.

Heartworm is easily prevented with a monthly prevention and it costs around $10 per month. Treatment for heartworm disease is around $2000.

Total cost for care: around $2000 for the heartworm treatment and hip surgery.

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