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Congestive Heart Failure (CHF): Corazon

Corazon ❤

This sweet girl joined our hospice family last week!

You would never know it now that her medical issues have been addressed and she is on the appropriate medications.
She was found as a stray with a freshly shaved front leg as if she had just seen a vet… unfortunately she was never claimed from impound and was growing sicker by the day. Cora has congestive heart failure caused by degenerative mitral valve disease. It has caused both her left and right side to fail. When this occurs fluid builds up on the abdomen.
When she arrived she didn’t want to eat or walk and she had a hard time even breathing. We were able to get her an echocardiogram right away and discovered the problem. She was started on medications right away and overnight she list 2# of fluid. She was like a completely new dog!

CHF is terminal… there is no cure and we will make whatever time she has left amazing. It could be a few weeks or a few months. She is 6# of happiness and snuggles.

We will continue to update you on her journey with us in our “Angels in waiting” program ❤

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