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Burned + Glioma: Amigo

Amigo <3 Some people have asked for a post explaining his story. Well its a sad one. He came to us as a "stray" but it was blatantly clear that this guy was severely abused. He had burns over 80% of his body. Someone likely threw boiling hot water on him. He was in excruciating pain, he could barely open his eyes and all he wanted to do was lay in one spot and sleep. We got to work right away treating his pain and his burns. Slowly but surely things began to turn around for him. He now just has a small spot on his back leg that is healing. A couple months after coming to us, Amigo started having seizures. We got him right into our Neurologist and they did an MRI. Unfortunately they found a brain tumor. After everything he had been through, we ended up having to say good bye. He knew more love in the 3 months he was with us, then he had his entire life thanks to his amazing foster mom!

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