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Baclofen Ingestion: Bella

Bella has a very sad and unusual story.

We were contacted originally by a friend of the owner who was being an amazing friend by finding placement for a young, healthy, intact dog. His friend was going through some really rough times and needed to get somewhere safe and Bella needed to be moved from the situation. She had always been loved dearly and taken care of. Unfortunately the help that her owner needed was not able to happen with Bella in tow. Sometimes life happens and surrender is out of your control. We hear things all the time like “I would never give up my animal for any reason” but unfortunately after doing this for over 15 years… there are circumstances where a. It is your only choice and b. It is what is best for your animal.

That was Bella’s case. So we had arranged a time to pick her up and move her to foster. Unfortunately, the night we went to get her she had ingested some human muscle relaxers. The type happened to be one of the most dangerously toxic meds to dogs. It suppresses the central nervous system so much that a dog will just stop breathing.

The photo on the left shows what Bella looked like when we got her. We rushed her to the emergency vet and they got to work on her. Pet poison control was called and they informed the doctors how to save her life. She spent the next 2 days there and thankfully was one of the very few to survive. She moved to her foster home where she recovered beautifully!
Next she went in for her spay procedure and was found to have many severely fractured teeth. Some of these were addressed at that time and the rest in a following procedure.

Her foster home loved and doted on her for weeks. They ended going on vacation this past week and another volunteer was watching her. She happened to be one of the emergency vet technicians the night she almost died.
Well… Bella is now home ? Her photo on the right shows she is right where she needs to be. She has a lab sister and a kooky golden brother.

Bella wouldn’t be here today without a host of people. The friend that helped the owner, the owner, the evet, the fosters, the regular vets and of course the donors ❤

Thank you all!

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