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By April 3, 2024 Adoptable Dogs

Meet Rory! Well again… this is her official “I am adoptable” post

Originally she was a stray that came into animal control. She was never claimed and while she was there they noticed she was walking funny. We had a suspicion right when we saw her that we knew it was a spinal issue. We committed to her knowing she was going to be a spendy pup! We were able to get Rory in to see our Neurologist and they confirmed our thoughts. She had a spinal defect called a Subarachnoid Diverticulum. This is where there is a fluid bubble pressing on the spinal cord. She needed to have surgery right away to make sure she kept the ability to walk and function. Since surgery, she has been recovering nicely in foster care.

Rory is the sweetest, snuggliest little girly around! She is currently working hard in physical therapy to help the signal from her brain reach her legs a little faster and work on strength and coordination, but in the few weeks she’s been in my home, she’s already made great improvements!

Rory is working on potty training but currently wears a diaper as she lacks a little control with urination. She seems to do great going out on a schedule, and will go potty when I ask her to “Go potty!”. But she doesn’t seem to be able to sense when she NEEDS to go, so she does not tell me when she needs to go outside. But, with a schedule, this is easily managed.
Rory does GREAT in a kennel. She sleeps in a kennel at night, and she often chooses to seek out her kennel for a nap or just to chew on a bone.

She is also great with other dogs. Sometimes, our other resident dogs get frustrated with her lack of coordination, often leading to her stomping on them by accident. They typically handle this well, but something to note if she is going to a home with other dogs.
She has also spent time in a foster home with cats as well and does well.

Otherwise, Rory is a typical puppy working on her manners. We have been working through jumping up on people, waiting at the door, and for her food. Some of these tasks are harder for her to maintain her self-control than others 🙂

She will continue to finish out her PT program before adoption and she will be spayed at the end of the month. Once that is complete she will be able to go to her forever family. She will also have the continued support of her current foster mom who happens to work at the clinic that does the PT.

Adoption fee is $250

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