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By April 3, 2024 Adoptable Dogs

Meet Burke 💚

A floppy eared hunk 😍 This high-energy Pitbull gets along great with dogs. He is working on learning his puppy boundaries. He’s new to the 2nd Chance to Shine program so training has been minimal but we know he will improve with structure. Here’s what you gotta know about Burke baby 🐾

🐶 Great with dogs!
🐱 Unsure about cats, but he’s a curious boy who doesn’t know his own strength!
👩‍👦‍👦 N0 ⚠️ young kids for the same reason as cats
🏠 Fenced in yard recommended. High energy and loves to run and play, but it’s not required!
🚽 Crate trained, potty trained, and leash trained. Some obedience but future training is REQUIRED. Keeps a clean kennel!
🤼 THRIVES in a fast paced, attention filled lifestyle. He needs to play, wrestle, or run everyday!

Burke is a big boy weighing in around 70# but he is a little behind on learning his manners. He is not even a year old, just 10 months. He was originally a stray and was never claimed. He ended up at Hawk Creek Animal Shelter and when Nutella moved there, we took him in return so he could receive some training. The folks at 2nd Chance to Shine are helping him learn to be a good boy. He has shown no aggression but he has been mouthy because this is how he shows his frustration. That is what they are working on now along with leash manners. He truly is a great boy and will make an amazing canine companion. Currently he is just a big lug who doesn’t know his own size. We will continue to update as we learn more.

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