**Accepting Applications, however meet and greets will not me scheduled until after 11/16**
Meet Weevil!
Some of you guys have been following his story from the beginning. Weevil came to us after being found by a Good Samaritan. They found him with a horrific injury to his neck which was caused when someone double wrapped a rubber band on his neck. The band had become embedded down to the bone. It had been that way for so long that it was maggot infested. Thankfully they rushed him to the emergency clinic right away.
The emergency clinic flushed out the wounds and stitched the wound closed as best they could. He was very off balance for some time and we thought that the maggot infestation had gone deeper than we first thought. Sometimes they can cause brain damage. We gave him some time to heal and once his neck wound finally healed we put him under for his neuter.
At that time we discovered that he had a Aural Polyp in his ear. This was likely the cause of his head tilt and wobbly walk. It was too deep for our partner vet to remove so we scheduled him with our Dermatologist for more direction. They recommended a CT scan right away to see how far the polyp went. At that time it was discovered that he had polyps in not one ear but both ears and they went down into his nasal cavities. 🙁
We got him scheduled with our surgery team right away and he had a procedure called a VBO (Ventral Bulla Osteotomy). THis is a fancy term for ear surgery where they go into the middle ear and remove all of the polyp and infection. It is a very difficult and disruptive procedure. There is a lot of swelling and nerve disruption. This is what gives him the 2 different size/shaped pupils. Thankfully everything went great and he healed completely from the procedure. The pupils may or may not return to normal but he is not vision impaired from this.
This procedure will hopefully prevent any recurrent ear infections but he will need to be monitored and if he does develop one, he will need to see a vet right away. He does not need any long term medications, just proper yearly vet care. Weevil is likely around a year or so old and still needs to put on some weight. He gets along with absolutely everything and isn’t bothered by a thing, including giant dogs!
Weevil would love to spend all day wrapped around your neck. He LOVES to give hugs and he loves to talk to you. Weevil is loved by so many and he is a very special boy. We would love to see him go to someone that would give updates or even create his own Instagram account 😉
Adoption fee is $150
Applications available at RPAW.org