Meet Sharkie ❤
There are some dogs that just strike you differently and that is this guy. He wants to give his all to you. He looks to you for guidance and just beams when he gets your praise.
Sharkie is around a year old and he came to us from Spirit Lake Indian Reservation in North Dakota. He has a significant limp on his right leg and we had him visit our Orthopedic specialist and Neurologist. He was diagnosed with a Radial Nerve injury. He will always have a floppy leg but he uses it and it doesn’t cause him any pain. It also doesn’t slow him down.
He weighs about 40#. He is also very quick to learn and does well with other dogs. He is curious with cats but slow introductions where you teach him what your expectations are would be easy.
If you want a true gem, this is your guy ❤
Adoption fee is $300
Adoption applications available on