Meet Recon!
Have you ever thought to yourself “I wish I could own a dog out of a vampire movie”… well you are in luck! You could own your very own Grimm dog 😉
Recon is around 3 years old and was actually a local unclaimed stray. He currently weighs in at 85# but he could easily gain another 10-15# and be a healthy weight.
He is a very beautiful shepherd but he also comes with a lot of brains. He would be incredible doing almost anything. This guy has a lot of power and he has a lot of energy and focus. He needs a job or a lot of exercise. He would be a great running/hiking partner but he also needs something to keep him mentally satisfied.
So far Recon has done fairly well with other dogs but he is still intact until next week. He is pushy with other dogs and has likely used his intact status and size to his advantage in the past. We have been working hard to drain his physical energy first and then let him meet dogs in a calm state.
Recon is another dog that I would love 3 more months with to make him and amazing dog, but we just don’t have that kind of time and space. On top of that, any committed owner can do the same with him as I can. They just need to be committed and stay on a scheduled routine for training. It isn’t hard and most definitely isn’t impossible.
If you feel you could make Recon a great home, please fill out an application on
Adoption fee is $300