Meet Poundcake!
If you are wondering what the cutest thing you have ever seen is… well he is a Pitsky (husky/pit bull). He is 6 months old and this guy is a bull in a China shop 😉
He has dinner plates for feet and if that gives any sneak into his adult size, get ready for a t-rex.
Pound cake came from a local impound as a stray. I couldn’t help but laugh when I first met him and his personality will win over anyone. Goofy goober doesn’t even begin to describe him. He may lack slightly in the brain department… but he does catch on quickly with repetition.
His current favorite activity is to run full speed on the slatmill at the training center he is at. He is working hard on proper greetings to other dogs and learning to slow down a bit. He doesn’t understand that life isn’t on high drive all the time.
Pound Cake needs an owner that is serious about making sure he has a routine, appropriate exercise and lifelong socialization. His cute puppy antics go a little ways but his size brings you back down to reality.
Another dog that we could do a lot for with months of time to train but we don’t have that luxury. We are happy to help anyone willing to commit to adopting him though and we can show you his scheduled routine.
If you want to add Pound Cake to your family please fill out an adoption application at rpaw.org
Adoption fee is $400