**We have 8 purebred Chow Chow puppies that will slowly be coming available over the next few weeks. We will be posting them as they are ready. They are breeder releases from the overrun world of commercial breeding. We have done a lot to get these puppies ready for adoption including vaccines, deworming, microchip, spay/neuter and most importantly socialization. Please do not comment on the adoption fee as it is there for a reason. If you don’t agree with it feel free to scroll by.**
Paprika is an absolute DOLL. She absolutely loves people! She loves to play with her siblings and will hold her own – but she is always leaving the group to make her way over for some pets from people. She gives great kisses as well. She has not ever had an accident in her crate and is learning how to walk on a leash. Her date of birth is 7/15/22.
Chow Chows are adorable, especially when they are little fluff balls — but they are not a breed for everyone. They are not very common in rescue, especially not this young. They of course are young and impressionable but they are still, at their core, Chows. We will only accept adoption applications from homes that have owned Chow Chows (not a mix w/ Chow in it)- these guys will not grow up & be returned for acting like Chows. Anyone who has owned a Chow before will be in heaven being able to adopt a Chow puppy & these guys will be a walk in the park for them! ❤️
Each of the fabulous 8 will come with some daycare at Blaine Kennels – we want to ensure these guys continue to be socialized with a well balanced pack, as well as continue to grow up around multiple calm, confident handlers.
Adoption fee is $600
Adoption applications are available at