We have a very special girl to introduce you to in hopes we can find her the right home…
Meet Nika ❤
Thus sweet senior has a had a rough go recently. She was found as a stray a few months ago and while impounded she shut down. No one came to reclaim her even though it was clear she was owned. A rescue pulled her from impound but quickly learned she came with some baggage. Nika has like never been on a leash. She is very uncomfortable with it and she goes into panic mode. That rescue decided they did not have the resources to handle her needs. So in came us. Thankful we find ourselves partners with some of the most qualified individuals and we are happy to help when we can. She joined the wonderful crew at Blaine Kennels who have been working with her now for a couple months. Nika has made great progress with structure and consistency, but the leash will likely never be a joyful thing for her.
We will never know what happened in her past or why she ended up a stray. She is around 8 years old and wants a place she can retired where a leash will not be required or at least very minimally. She also has a hard time when forced to do something she doesn’t feel comfortable doing at a fast pace, so her new people need to learn to introduce things to her slowly.
We feel an ideal home would be one with a fenced yard or a property large enough where she will not run off. She wants to be with you, she isn’t a runner. A home that doesn’t expect much from her and one that doesn’t have high traffic of people in and out. A family she doesn’t need to go places with or at least just car rides where she doesn’t need to be taken out and leashed.
We know this is a hard ask and we know that it isn’t the most conventional placement, but Nika is happy and does deserve to find a home that understands her ❤
If you feel you can be that special retirement home for Nika please let us know by filling out an application on