Meet Mia
This little girl is about 30# and just a petite pup. Mia is 6-7 years old. She joined us after her former got a new puppy and it was just too much for Mia to handle. She started out with our trainers at Blaine Kennels to see if she had issues with all dogs or just the housemate. We found out a couple things…
First of all she has gotten along with every dog she has met which has been about 20. She isn’t bothered in the least by them. Her previous housemate had a lot of energy and she just didn’t appreciate that.
Second of all we have discovered that she is completely deaf. This would have played a huge part in having an issue with her hyper housemate.
Mia is on a medication for anxiety that is both inexpensive and easy to give. In the right home she may not need it at all but for now it works great and really helps her with all the changes in her life. She was never crated prior to the other puppy coming in the home and once he arrived she started having to be in one which caused her some separation issues. Since being surrendered she has done just fine in a crate. We feel that once she is settled into a new home she will not need to use a crate again.
Mia is a very chill, happy girl that deserves a family that will love her even though she is short, has funky ears that don’t really go in any particular direction and is deaf. She isn’t any more difficult to have around being deaf.
Mia is fine with other dogs and even plays with them. However she appreciates when they understand her when she says she has had enough and its time to take a break. She has done great in daycare for the past couple weeks.
If you would like to give this little tot a forever home please fill out an application at rpaw.org
Her adoption fee is $250