Her story is why we do what we do. She is a senior pittie herself at 10 years of age. She has lived a long fulfilling life.

Many people have heard of an emotional support dog. Emotional support dogs are defined by their ability to comfort people through affection and companionship. Though they don’t receive any formal training, they are a big help to those who suffer from mental and/or emotional issues. Emotional support dogs aren’t required to perform any specific tasks needed to aid a person who is limited by a disability like service dogs are. Because emotional support animals aren’t required to undergo specialized training, they aren’t allowed access to all public areas.

Maya lived her life as the companion to a wonderful woman. They were the best of friends and did everything together. Unfortunately Alzheimers came along and took away Maya’s person. She was placed into a nursing home recently. Maya found herself in a tough spot. The family did everything they could and reached out to many trusted friends. They even reached out to their vet for help. Many people pointed them to us.

Maya is a very special dog to many people and it is clear. Her owner and family wanted the best for her. They cared deeply for this dog and we are honored to find her a new forever home. You would never know by meeting Maya that she is 10 years old. She is slightly overweight but who isn’t  She loves going for walks and running around in her foster homes fenced yard. She also has some malformation to her knees. They bow outward. It doesn’t cause her any issue but we have put her on a daily pain medication for osteoarthritis. She has never lived with other animals. She seems to be overly interested in cats so she should go to a home without. As for dogs, well this video shows it all 

If you would like to give Maya the retirement home she deserves after her years of service, please let us know 
Adoption fee is $200
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