Meet Malibu
This girl is just the sweetest despite the abuse she suffered prior to coming to us. We will not go into detail but she came to us with both legs broken. She was scared and hurting and just wanted to hide in the corner.
Now her 6 month old self can act like a puppy and loves to be the loopy shepherd puppy that she is. She has really come into her own in the past couple week. We were able to fix the first leg with a plate and screws, the other side was like her entire knee exploded and was unable to be saved. It doesn’t slow her down though!
She is great with dogs, cats and kids. She is a very active, busy, sassy girl though and she needs an active family that is committed to bringing her up right and how to be a stable and well rounded dog.
Malibu will also need to stay on the thin side due to her tripod status and the fact her remaining rear leg has a plate in it.
If you feel you can provide an amazing home for her please fill out an application at
Adoption fee is $500