Meet Lola <3

We know many people love Pugs and we will get a lot of inquiries of adoption. Please note a few things that we will be looking for specifically when finding a home for Lola.

Lola had a previous family that was a client at our partner clinic. They have been battling urinary issues for most of her life and has even gone through surgery to remove stones from her bladder. When she came in this year for her annual lab work and wellness check up, it was noted that she had another bladder infection and at that point they just could not commit to caring for her like this for the rest of her life.

We have had numerous bladder issue animals and they do require extra care and commitment and close monitoring along with higher vet bills.

Secondly she is a Pug and that alone will cause her to have higher vet bills. We just preformed a dental on her and she had to have a handful of teeth removed. This is also not a inexpensive thing.

Finally she is very overweight. She has lost a couple pounds with us so far but it is crucial that she go to a home that understands how important it is for her to continue losing weight.

So let’s just recap:
1. She needs to stay on a prescription urinary diet for life and she needs to kept on a strict amount to get her down in weight and staying lean.
2. She needs someone who understands that she is prone to bladder infections and will need yearly lab work both blood and urine to make sure things are good.
3. She does run the risk of getting more bladder stones in the future that may require surgery.
4. She needs to stay on the yearly dental schedule with getting her teeth cleaned and bad ones removed.

As far as her personality goes… Lola is all Pug! She is loud and abrupt and in charge. She will tell you how she wants things and she will push around other dogs. Especially when it comes to meal times. We recommend that she is fed separate from other animals. She loves to cuddle and she adores any human contact she can get. Her foster mom adores her and she is just a wonderful goofy dog.

Lola is a little over 5 years old and has a lot of life and love to give to a committed owner. If you feel that you can give Lola a forever home please fill out an application on

Adoption fee is $400