Meet Ivy ❤

This girl is all smiles 😃
Ivy is a 2 year old pitbull who came to us about a year ago when she was struggling with parvo. She survived and was adopted out. In the past 6 months her and the other resident dogs were getting into scuffles over high valued items like bones, toys and food. She also would get over excited when people came over.

She clearly has a case of FOMO (fear of missing out).
Ivy wants to be your world, just like you are hers. She wants to please you constantly. What we have been working on since she was returned to us is being in a calm state of mind and not having high value items around. She is doing fabulous.

Some dogs just can’t handle having high value items out in the open/public or even at all. Some get obsessed, like with tennis balls. And they get hyper focused on an item and will guard it with their life (think lord of the rings). With dogs like this, they either only get these items in their kennel or when they are alone and supervised, if at all.

We have taken away these items completely from Ivy and it isn’t to her detriment. She is living life to the fullest. She has been in daycare with other dogs without issue. She has a higher energy personality so she is working on slowing down around dogs.

This girl is wonderful on a leash and would be a great walking or running partner.

If you would like to meet Ivy please fill out an application at rpaw.org
Adoption fee is $250

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