RPAW Foster Care Contract

Welcome to the growing family of foster parents…without your help these animals could not be saved!!

Foster care means providing a temporary home and care, for a newly rescued dog/puppy or cat/kitten until we find it a permanent home. In addition to essential veterinary care, RPAW will also provide food, toys and needed supplies.

The role of the foster home is to provide socialization and a loving environment, training such as basic commands, leash walking, potty training, etc.  Providing input about your foster will help us match the animal up with a permanent home. The foster home is an important asset to helping the animal on its way to a new, loving, “forever” home.

Please carefully read over the information below.

  • As a foster care volunteer for Rescued Pets Are Wonderful, I hereby agree to provide temporary care for the animal that I receive from RPAW. I understand that all foster animals are the property of Rescued Are Wonderful and that they reserve the right to request a home visit.

  • I understand that foster animals in my care cannot be given away, sold, relocated or brought on vacation without prior approval. The adoption of the animal(s) will be handled by Rescued Pets Are Wonderful. All veterinary care expenses must be pre-approved by one of the Coordinators listed below or the expenses will be the foster responsibility. Rescued Pets Are Wonderful is not responsible for any damage to property or personal injury by foster animals.

IMPORTANT: When taking a new foster into your home, please use caution and common sense. These animals should not be expected to immediately get along with other animals – introduce them slowly. If you are not sure how to do this we will help – please ask. DO NOT leave dogs outside unattended – even in a fenced in area. Some dogs can climb, jump, and dig their way out of fences.

  • Pregnant dogs/cats should be kept separate from other animals to reduce stress and allow them to deliver and raise (nurse) their litters.
  • Dogs/cats recovering from surgery should be kept separate from other animals and restricted from running and jumping for a few days.
  • Young kittens/puppies should be kept away from other animals until tested and vaccinated.

I realize that in the course of fostering animals there is a risk of injury including, but not limited to, animal bites, scratches, personal injury, etc. I hereby release, indemnify and hold harmless Rescued Pets Are Wonderful and its’ officers, directors and agents from and against any and all claims, loss, damage or expenses incurred or sustained in connection with my services as a volunteer. I agree to indemnify Rescued Pets Are Wonderful against any claims brought against Rescued Pets Are Wonderful for any injury incurred by any person by an animal I foster for Rescued Pets Are Wonderful.