Meet Denver ❤
This sweet guy is one of 8 purebred Standard Poodles we took in from a puppy mill jail break. He is 1 of 6 males we brought in. Denver is fairly laid back and quiet. Denver is 5 years old (born July 2017). He is the smallest of the bunch. He seems to get along with other animals. He is protective of his kennel around other dogs, especially during meal time which is not uncommon at all for mill dogs who have had to fight for food their whole lives. We would recommend keeping him separated during meal time.
All of these dogs were underweight, full of intestinal parasites and Fleas. Every one of them had horrendous ear infections. All have since been treated.
Denver still needs a dental and likely extractions. We have him scheduled but we are willing to get him adopted out and have him brought back for her dental procedure in a few weeks.
Puppy Mill dogs are rarely house trained and we cannot guarantee any of these dogs are. They were not ever taken outside to eliminate, rather they were left in kennels and at times cleaned around.
Denver has done a pretty good job at keeping his kennel clean and would benefit from going outside frequently.
Adoption fee is $600
Adoption applications available at