Barbara and Delores

Barbara and Delores
Barbara Mcscruffs and Delores Mctoetufts are a bonded pair of seniors that are looking for a home together. Barbara (the wire haired one) is around 15 years old and Delores (the long haired chi) is around 12 years old. These ladies were unclaimed strays that were found together.
When they were first picked up they were very cranky and didn’t want to be interacted with. Once they arrived to our care we soon figured out why… they had horrific dental disease and their teeth were falling out on their own. We decided to get their dental work don’t right away. They have done a complete 180 and they are even playing with toys now!
Next they will be spayed and have mammary masses removed prior to going to their forever homes.
If you think you could give these tiny tots (each are around 5#) a wonderful retirement home please fill out an application at
Adoption fee for the pair is $300