Meet Bangle!
Any 80s music lovers out there??? Animal control was listening to The Bangles when this lady came through their doors 😉
She is a pint sized pup at maybe 30# and though she is thin, she will not be a big girl.
Bangle was an unclaimed stray and she was very shy when she arrived in the shelter… that is long gone! This girl is probably one of the fastest dogs you will ever meet. Her life revolves around food and when her next meal will be. This makes her extremely easy to train but it also can get her into trouble. For some reason she feels the need to seek out food when she can.
She is doing well in her foster home and we know that with the proper schedule and exercise, Bangle will thrive. As an intact female, awaiting her spay appointment next week, she likes to go toe to toe with Starfish 😉 However, she is very easily redirected and she even seems to know her name now!
Bangle loves people and anyone who will give her the time of day. She would be a great running partner as well. She does well with other dogs but has likely not been shown how to socialize in the real world.
We see so many of these dogs that were born and raised during COVID. The normal social behaviors are non existent. These dogs now require us to show them what is expected of them and also what is appropriate.
I hope that this does not discourage people from adoption as these dogs need us and they need families that will look past the fact that they are not perfect. We are also here for the long run and we are here to help them integrate into your homes. Would I like 3 more months to work with Bangle on becoming the perfect dog… absolutely but I have already turned away 4 other dogs this week because I have no room.
If you think Bangle is the one for you please fill out an application at
Adoption fee is $250