Athena is accepting applications for adoption!
Many people know her but if you don’t here is her story 🙂
Athena was born early August 2022 and was found after she was likely hit by a car. Our friends with Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue took her in originally. She had a fractured pelvis and a front leg that wasn’t working right. They also discovered quickly that she had a condition called Mega Esophagus which is where her Esophagus is stretched out and does not allow food and water to easily travel to her stomach without being upright. She eats her meals in a special chair (that will go with her) and she needs to eat canned food.
We offered to take her due to the overwhelming amount of animals needing their help and the fact that we focus on medical cases. She saw a neurologist first and they determined she had nerve damage to her front leg and it was not fixable. Soon after arriving with us we had it amputated and she never looked back.
Athena is a typical cattle dog and she is a spit fire. She has survived thus far with her ailments simply because she is a fighter and she never gives up! Athena LOVES other dogs and would flourish in a home with them. She also loves to herd so small children and cats that are not well versed in dogs would not be the best decision. She needs a job to do or she will find one 😉 Do not let her special way of eating her meals keep you from applying, she loves her chair and it doesn’t take any more time for her to eat than any other dog. She doesn’t need activity restriction and she can run and play like any other pup. We highly recommend an adopter that has had a herding breed prior and is willing to make sure she gets the appropriate training.
Applications available at
Adoption fee is $400