After being around since 2004, RPAW has had a lot of dogs come through our program. Most make it to great families, but there are a few that live out their lives with the foster that has taken them in.

RPAW prides itself on pulling dogs and cats from local impound facilities. We take in the unclaimed and the unwanted and fix them up and send them off to better lives. Far too often though, we find ourselves looking at the faces of animals that will not make it out of the impound facilities simply because they are not adoptable for either being too old or too ill. These animals are humanely euthanized at animal control.

Now is the time that we stop walking past these animals.

RPAW has started a hospice program where we will be pulling the sick and the old (only dogs for now) from impound and placing them into loving foster homes to live out their last days or weeks. They will be surrounded by wonderful people and will have every comfort they could ever want. These dogs will get the biggest and softest of beds and eat whatever they desire, and that includes frequent trips to the fast food restaurants. This road is not an easy one and it will take the dedication of volunteers and donations to keep it alive! We hope to make a difference to those who truly deserve the best ending possible!

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