Meet Ajah ❤
This sweet lady is a purebred blonde Chow Chow. She is about 6 years old. This breed is already aloof and independent, but Ajah was also used only for breeding. Somehow she ended up stray in South Dakota and found herself at a shelter. The breeder originally found her but once finding out she had been spayed, they didn’t want her back. It was clear she never had much human touch. That shelter reached out to us because she was not doing well in the facility and was very shut down.
We know this breed well and we had an opening with our wonderful friends at Blaine Kennels. She has been there for a few months now and we are slowly seeing her come out of her shell. She even wags her tail now. She will play with other dogs and she absolutely needs a home with other dogs. We have nit had her around cats.
Ajah is learning what it is like to be in a home setting. It was a very slow process and she still panics when the television is on. She needs to find a home that is patient and understanding. She is not going to fall in love with you and be all over you when you meet. In fact she will likely not pay attention to you at all. The people she loves and trusts, she has been around for months and she is finally relaxed in their presence.
Ajah will never be a cuddle me dog and should not be expected to be such. We have waited to post her because she is more of a home ornament and she wants to live life on her terms, than a family dog 😉
She deserves to have the life that is comfortable to her and once she trusts you, she will do anything for you ❤
Adoption fee is $300
Adoption applications available at rpaw.org