Roach is finally accepting applications!

Many know this boy’s history but if you do not here is the short version. Roach’s previous owner had to move in with a friend and was unable to bring Roach so he went to stay with a friend for a while. Unfortunately the friend’s neighbor was not keen on Roach or likely any dogs. Somehow he ended up throwing a machete at him and severing a large portion of his back. It went down to the spine but thankfully did not damage any major spinal nerves or the cord. He was thankfully surrendered to our friends at Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue.
We had just finished Petey’s (our tilapia fish graft dog) recovery and when we heard about Roach we reached out to offer any help they needed. Roach was ultimately transferred to our care due to the lengthly drive to the nearest vet to TMAR and the many visits he would have needed. We were happy to help. We started him on medications and special topical concoctions for his bandage on his back along with cold laser therapy. He healed extremely fast.
We did notice that he continued to be both urine and fecal incontinent and we wondered if the machete had actually done damage to his spinal cord so we took him in for an MRI. That revealed that thankfully the machete wound did not damage anything internal. However, it also showed that he had a healed fractured vertebra in his pelvis. This was not related to the machete incident and we later found out that his tail/rear end was run over by a car 9 months prior to the machete incident. The vertebra healed but was still causing nerve damage. It was part of what helps wag his tail. Every time Roach would wag his tail he was potentially causing more nerve damage. If we wanted to preserve what function he had left of his bladder and bowels we needed to remove his tail as far up as possible.
We have also placed him on a urinary incontinent medication called Proin that he takes once daily (about $25per month). He will likely need this for life. He can go out and empty his bladder but he will continue to drip little drops. For this reason we have some belly bands that he will wear inside the home. They do not bother him a bit. As for the fecal incontinence, this is a little more complex. There is not medication to help this but it is not out of control. He doesn’t purposefully defecate like he urinates so it will just fall out. He has wonderfully formed stool so it is not diarrhea at all.
He will need to remain on a specific brand of food called Hills Biome (prescription $63/bag which lasts about 4-6 weeks) that will keep him regular as his gut is not able to move things through like a normal dog. This food has probiotics and prebiotics to help keep his gut happy.

We know that it will be difficult to find a home that will accept an incontinent dog. His personality makes up for it ten fold. This boy has been through so much! We think that a home that loves spending a lot of time out side would be best. He would love to be a farm dog and keep things in line, however we require that they live inside. He gets along with most dogs but does not appreciate intact males nor does he like in your face dogs. He doesn’t seem to mind cats.

If you think you have the right home for Roach please send in an application at
Adoption fee is $300