Harold is ready to start taking applications!
Some of you remember when we first got Harold which was over a year ago. Harold was diagnosed with meningomyelitis in April 2019. Meningomyelitis is inflammation of of the meninges and spinal cord. In Harold’s case, his meningomyelitis was immune mediated in origin, meaning that for some reason his immune system started attacking his own nervous system. Due to the severity of his clinical signs (he was paralyzed in all four of his legs), he was immediately treated with medications to control his immune system which included chemotherapy. Harold has responded very well to treatment and is now able to walk on his own. The goal is to get Harold completely off of his medications, however, some dogs require long term medications at low doses to keep their immune system under control. ?Harold has 2 doses of chemotherapy left and then we hope to slowly wean him off of the Prednisone he is on. Long term he may have flare ups and his Neurologist will always be available to continue his care as needed.
Harold came to us as an 8 month old puppy and was not able to get the important life lessons like a normal puppy. He was not able to be around other dogs for socialization in this key time of life. Thankfully he has been spending his entire recovery with an amazing trainer who specializes in socialization. She has worked through a lot of his issues and he has been able to adjust to her home with another Frenchie and a young daughter.
Harold would love to be the center of attention and be your one and only, but he could live with another dog. A lot of his issues were on leash and his foster mom would be happy to talk through when she has done with him to avoid any issues. He would do best in a home with children 12 and up. He loves going for short walks but if it is going to be anything long then he prefers his foster mom put him in the doggie stroller.

Harold has had a long road to being able to recover enough to be adopted and we know there is an amazing home out there for him. If you think that is you, please fill out an application at rpaw.org and we can have you chat with his foster mom.
Adoption fee is $200